Crotamiton Eurax is a pretty popular product against numerous skin problems, such as scabies, skin irritation and insect bites for example. The previous researches of our diligent and dedicated team have revealed the truth about the other cures, and some of them didn’t prove their efficiency. Actually we have found lots of similar products on the shelves of our local drugstore, but we have chosen Eurax as an object of our research, because it is one of those unique multi-purpose remedies, which can help in many situation. We assumed that such cure really must live up patient’s expectations, and to tell the truth we were satisfied with the results.


But let’s tell it like it really is. So Eurax’s main active component is crotamiton with amazing antipruritic capabilities. In combination with the other ingredients it becomes a perfect cure against rash, eczema, dermatitis and numerous other skin infections, irritations and so on. You may get more information about the complete list of diagnosis which can be treated by Eurax in the instruction or on the web, and believe this list is truly impressive.


When the patient applies Eurax 10 on the skin, the active substance starts acting immediately. After interviewing dozens of patients and several doctors with many years of experience, we came to a conclusion that this cure reacts super-fast, bringing immediate relief to the majority of patients. The remedy is also popular because it is extremely hard to find the cure like Eurax ointment which is both safe for children and adults. Unlike many of its rivals Eurax 100g can be used in children elder than three years old without any apprehension. Individual allergy to the components of this drug is possible, but its probability is very low. In fact you should always be aware of it, especially while treating a child. It is important to get immediate doctor’s help in case of appearance of any allergic reactions. They may include excessive redness, itching and aggravation of the reactions and manifestations of the disease.


So the first group of people who cannot be the users of this cure is children under three years old. The second group is highly allergic individuals, but even many of such people would not have any problems while using this cure. The third group of people who should avoid treating themselves with Eurax is pregnant and breastfeeding women. So as far as you can see this drug is really multi-purpose and it can satisfy the demands of many patients, and the exceptions are very rare.


You may notice that Eurax is produced in two forms: lotion and cream. It is reasonable to ask where are the differences and which form of the cure should be preferred if you decide to start the treatment. Basically the answer is too simple: you may choose any of these types of cure at your own discretion. Both cream and lotion have the same ingredients and the main component is crotamiton for both of them. In fact there is an alternative known as Eurax hc cream, and this medication has its own characteristics.


Unlike simple creams and lotions produced under Eurax brand name, Eurax hc consists of two major active substances. The first of them is crotamiton mentioned above, while the second one is hydrocortisone. This unique ingredient has unusual qualities. It is actually a natural hormone which controls the body functions such as inflammatory responses. The infection or the insect bite provokes the immune system of the human being and it releases special chemicals which try to struggle against the “enemy”. The main functional principle of this active substance is to penetrate into the skin cells and to stop release of essential chemicals. In this way the patient’s immune system stays calmer while the other active ingredient easily eliminates the infection.