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Lotions & Creams about drugsGigabytes of knowledge and thousands of sites with information about pharmacy is an evidence of that online pharma companies make all possible efforts to promote their services. The companies with equal or similar products compete in a mortal race for the clients and this game has minimum or rules. What is funny and sad about this fact: many people understand that the majority of the data online concerning different pills is a modern type of commercial, but we cannot live without this information, so we keep trying and keep searching! Of course, pharma products shorten lives to thousands people globally because many patients use wrong or unverified data and this is always a dangerous occupation when it comes to a human health. At the same time they save millions of lives. But still it is hard to beat invisible enemy! Unfortunately you cannot trust to majority of web sites promoting different products, but does this mean that the Internet cannot help you to treat your illness or disorder?


In fact the global net really can become your best advisor if you use the correct information in a proper way. But certainly it is very important to know that only a doctor with a degree can have an authority to prescribe you the medication, as a distant case detection often does not work and can be even life-threatening. Therefore we often recommend our visitors to be attentive and only to buy drugs they know for sure are safe and appropriate in their condition.


However our company does not sell any cures! We are not pharma shop online and we are not providing people with professional treatment, that’s why none information on this site can be understood as direct order to start taking any medication. You should always discuss the issues of your medical treatment with a doctor – it is extremely important, as no one but your doctor can diagnose you and it is not safe to implement autotherapy without having all necessary knowledge and medical skills.


You may wonder: why have we created this site then? Why do we need a web source which tells us about pros and cons of different cures, if this site does not give any guarantees and in fact it doesn’t even sell any cures? We can easily give you the truthful answer! This unit of a global network is an informational project and its main idea is to gather all important information about the popular cure at one place. For instance, we know that India pharma is extremely popular among the pharma shop visitors, but what we also know is that the sites which sell such products try to avoid negative information about their products. The reason why it happens this way is because they sell these products, and they are interested party in this situation. When they promote a great natural remedy they try to mention as little drawbacks and side effects as they can, because they want to get as many customers as possible.


Since our project has no commercial activity and we do not collaborate with any cure producers, we provide our visitors with versatile data from different viewpoints. We do not mean that the opinions posted on this site is an ultimate truth, but we put all our efforts in order to present all cures from the independent point of view. Our project will discuss important issues which play a huge role in a life of a world society, and we will try to figure out the best ways to improve one’s health. We will try to review cures starting from vitamin pills to the most expensive and complex remedies such as cures for acne, fungus cure and eczema care drugs, diaper rash lotions and natural cures for skin cleansing. In other words we will try to gather here everything that is really essential to know about the modern drugs, hygienic and health care substances. We hope that you find this project exciting and useful and it will help many people to find the best and the healthiest cures.